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Canada has positioned itself as a World Leader in Cannabis Processing. TIG Stainless Systems’s diverse F&B experience coupled with our significant Life Science expertiseis the right blend to add value to your project adn operatinal needs.

Paddy Finnegan

Jedi Master, General Manager

TIG Stainless Systems is ready
to grow with the Canadian
Cannabis Industry

“The Canadian legal cannabis industry contributes more to the country’s gross domestic product than Canada’s media sector; iron, gold, potash, and copper mining; meat manufacturing; breweries; clothing manufacturing; wood product manufacturing – and close to surpassing auto manufacturing.” BNN Bloomberg

This very young segment is still finding its footing in the retail marketplace and is rife with Mergers and Aquisitions at the corporate level with 306 reported in 2021 up from 86 in 2020.

The Canadian Cannabis industry is still developing and is made up of several segments. SPE is ready to support your Edible, Topical and Extract focused projects.

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