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Our processing partners leverage our experience in various facilities across all F&B segments when looking for innovative solutions.

Jeff _______

General Manager

Food and Beverage
is literally our Bread and Butter

Canada’s food and beverage industry is an essential part of the economy with over 7,800 companies employing almost 300,000 workers.

“Ontario’s food and beverage processing (FBP) sector is the largest in Canada – accounting for 37% of the industry’s revenue in the country. The sector has more than 4,000 establishments in the province, employing over 125,000 people. More than 90% of its establishments employ fewer than 100 people and one quarter is located in rural communities.” Food and Beverage ON

“There are several aspects that provide the Ontario food & beverage processing industry with a competitive advantage, including a rich agricultural base, a large consumer base, an educated workforce, adequate infrastructure, competitive costs, and a cluster of research and innovation opportunities in the sector.” F&B ON (whate does F&B stand for? -paige)

There is huge growth potential in the Canadian F&B sector but processors will need to remain entrepenural and combine capex adn opex (what are these words supposed to be? -paige) investments with a constantly striving for innovation to retain a competitive edge.

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