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“The Canadian Life Science space was already very dynamic before the Pandemic. COVID has only accelerated Canada’s need to be self sufficent in this processing sector and TIG Stainless Systems is ready to use our expereince to support your projects.”

Paddy Finnegan

Jedi Master, General Manager

Stainless Process Equipment is your experienced Pharmaceutical and Biotech Solutions Partner

“The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most innovative industries in Canada. It is composed of companies developing and manufacturing innovative medicines and generic pharmaceuticals, as well as over–the-counter drug products. The sector is made up of a number of sub-sectors that service different market segments. These include brand-name pharmaceuticals, generic pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutical small and medium sized enterprises (biopharmaceutical SMEs), contract research organizations (CROs), and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).” needs wordsmithing (I think this is a note from Paddy -paige)

Canada is the 9th largest market in the world for sales in this sector and given that the Canadian distribution Partners prefer, if not mandate Canadian manufactured products, the project space in this segment is evergreen.

TIG Stainless Systems TSSA experience (can this be replaced with SPE or would it then become a false statement? -paige) gave us a head start with procedural and material documentation. Our Project Managers and Orbital Welding Specialists understand the unique requirements to advance a Pharmaceutical Project as efficiently as possible.

Performing high purity welding services in house and in the field for over 30 years, we are ready to review your Life Science Project opportunities with the intention to add value though our experience. (is this true for SPE or just for TIG? -paige)

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